CSS and the headache that is Absolute Positioning

We’ve all had that moment where we think we know where the absolute positioned div will end up, hit the F5 key and it’s disappeared and it’s somewhere that seems completely nonsensical. Absolute position can be a great tool for those speciality elements that need to overlay another image (think of a “On Sale” stamp).

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Pigeon: The local business hero!

Pigeon and Juice’s explanation on how local businesses can utilize this update to help them rank higher in Google.

Google’s Pigeon algorithm update isn’t exactly new news to people in the industry but for the general public it might have fallen on deaf ears. Here at Juice we thought we’d give people a bit of an insight into the Google algorithm and how you can harness it and make it work for you!

Essentially what the Pigeon update has done is making it so local business can rank with the big boys in localized searches.

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Let the Juice Loose

“Cheating” your way to fitness

After reading the “Can you cheat your way to fitness?” Article on the BBC this morning, it sparked a bit of a reaction in my head. Summed up the article is saying that you are supposed to get in around 150 minutes of exercise a week and from there you can get around 110 minutes from doing chores around the house. My first reaction was a little bit of anger in regards to saying its fine for people not to get out and exercise and try a healthier lifestyle.

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Let the Juice Loose

Google AdWords to Ban Toy Guns.

This is a first for me really, having my hobbies and interests cross into my work life. Being a Web developer it’s my job to keep up to date with the latest industry news and events; while this isn’t breaking news it is something that i’ve been thinking about for a few weeks now to see how I sit with the situation. I am an avid airsfoter; what is “airsoft” I hear you say, well in very simple terms it is essentially paintballing but instead of paintballs you fire plastic BBs. It is a sport of honour as obviously you won’t have massive sploges of paint all over you. Now with this sport you are using Real Imitation Firearms (RIFs) and for obvious reasons there are certain regulations and laws. You can’t just walk in off the street and buy a RIF, you have to have valid defence to purchase such a gun unless it is coloured 51% in a bright colour (normally orange or green).

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Let the Juice Loose

Touchdown back to reality

Our web and graphic designer Rob has just recently got married to his long time partner in crime Micheala; this saw the entire Juice Creative and Ebstar crew fly down the M56 to Anglessey in Wales for a weekend of celebrating and good times. Rob is always spouting about how beautiful Anglessey is but until you actually go there and see the views you can never really appreciate it.

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Let the Juice Loose

Local Ski group gets a website renovation.

Our web developer Ross is a keen skiing enthusiast and he takes his holidays with a local group of around 80 people. As you can imagine organizing a group of that many and trying to get all the information around to everyone can be a nightmare, previously they had a very primitive free website from one of those generic website builders. In short, it wasn’t very good; but it served its purpose.

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