Local Ski group gets a website renovation.

Our web developer Ross is a keen skiing enthusiast and he takes his holidays with a local group of around 80 people. As you can imagine organizing a group of that many and trying to get all the information around to everyone can be a nightmare, previously they had a very primitive free website from one of those generic website builders. In short, it wasn’t very good; but it served its purpose.

Being the good guys we are at Juice Creative we thought we’d do a pro-bono website and spend a few hours giving them something they deserve for all the hard work they put in behind the scenes organizing everything to do with the trip. We think it’s looking pretty good with a few things Ross needs to polish off in his downtime at home.

Why not pay them a visit and if you’re in the area join the trip and come with us.

Why not pay them a visit www.weaverski.co.uk