Touchdown back to reality

Our web and graphic designer Rob has just recently got married to his long time partner in crime Micheala; this saw the entire Juice Creative and Ebstar crew fly down the M56 to Anglessey in Wales for a weekend of celebrating and good times. Rob is always spouting about how beautiful Anglessey is but until you actually go there and see the views you can never really appreciate it.

This is just one of the many shots taken over the weekend, as you can see it was perfect weather for a weekend away. The wedding was followed by the reception headlined by local band Beggarz Belief who put on an amazing set; playing some classics from the 80s and 90s, even a young gun like myself knew 90% of the tracks played.

The festivities weren’t over for Rob yet, days after his wedding he was jetting off to sunny Venice for his honeymoon and a well deserved break from the everyday activities of a graphic designer. Leaving myself in charge of the choas that ensued by having 1 less in the office but Rob didn’t seem to mind too much:

While Rob was enjoying his week off he also managed to find some time to take some great photos; really capturing the essense of Venice in all its beauty. Take a look at his flickr album, there are some truly creative shots.

Now the holiday is over for Rob and the reality of catching up on all the emails; meaning last minute ads, design tweaks and even a few new website designs in the pipeline. Stay tune for more Juice News and meanwhile why not get in touch and see if we can do anything for you.